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1.6F: Field of a Uniformly Charged Infinite Plane Sheet

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  • All we have to do is to put \(α = π/2\) in equation 1.6.10 to obtain


    This is independent of the distance of P from the infinite charged sheet. The electric field lines are uniform parallel lines extending to infinity.


    \(\begin{align}&\text{Point charge Q :}\quad \quad \quad &&E=\frac{Q}{4\pi\epsilon_0 r^2}. \\ &\text{Hollow Spherical Shell: } &&E=\text{ zero inside the shell,} \\ & &&E=\frac{Q}{4\pi\epsilon_0 r^2}\text{ outside the shell} \\ &\text{Infinite charged rod :} &&E=\frac{\lambda}{2\pi\epsilon_0 r}. \\ &\text{Infinite plane sheet :} &&E=\frac{\sigma}{2\epsilon_0}. \end{align}\)