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3.1: Background Material

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  • The Simulator

    This activity uses a simulator to generate data what we would normally get in a laboratory setting with real electronic components and devices. The simulator we are using in this particular case runs in Java, which means a few things:

    • You will need to download the simulator to your computer – click on the link below to do this. (Note: Java will not run on most mobile devices.)
    • You may need to update or install Java on your computer to be able to run this simulator. You can get it here.
    • Once you have Java installed, attempting to use it may trigger a security alert, so you will have to enable it for use on your computer. If you have a Mac, this is done by right-clicking the JAR application icon, and selecting "Open" (double-clicking the icon, as you might normally do, will not give you the option of giving it permission to run on your computer).
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