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2: The Special Theory of Relativity - Dynamics

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    • 2.1: Relativistic Momentum, Force and Energy
      Once Einstein revolutionized our understanding of space and time, physicists were faced with a monumental task. All of physics, before Einstein, was based on the idea of absolute space and time. Once these concepts were found to be erroneous, all of classical physics had to be re-examined in this light. In this section, we will “re-examine” our understanding of momentum, force, and energy.
    • 2.2: Collisions and Decays
      Any process that occurs in nature must obey energy and momentum conservation. To analyze this particle decay, apply both conservation laws to the process.
    • 2.3: Activities
    • 2.4: Interstellar Travel – Energy Issues (Project)
      In a previous investigation, you discovered some of the fundamental difficulties in traveling to even a relatively nearby star. In this investigation, you will be introduced to a much more important factor, the incredible amounts of energy needed to accelerate a macroscopic object to relativistic speeds.
    • Section 4:
    • Section 5:

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