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3: One-Dimensional Potentials

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    • 3.1: The Free Particle
      Before we begin our exploration of the quantum mechanics of a particle bound by a potential well, we need to examine the simpler case where the particle is not bound at all.
    • 3.2: Infinite Square Well
      We return to the all-purpose model of the particle-in-a-box, to see how our new-found formalism fits into something with which we are already familiar.
    • 3.3: Harmonic Oscillator
      We continue our review of one-dimensional potential wells with the simple harmonic oscillator potential.
    • 3.4: Finite Square Well
      We now look at a square well whose boundary conditions make it more difficult to solve than the infinite square well, but which has features that make it a better model for real physical systems.
    • 3.5: Tunneling
      We conclude our discussion of one-dimensional quantum mechanics with a look at the phenomenon of tunneling. This is a natural extension of the wave function "leaking" into classically-forbidden regions of potentials.

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