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5: Electromagnetism

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    • 5.1: Magnetic Induction
      Our first glimpse into how magnetism crosses-over to electricity comes from a phenomenon where under certain conditions a magnetic fields can induce electrical currents that previously were only created by emf sources like batteries.
    • 5.2: Consequences and Applications of Induction
      Faraday's law has far-reaching consequences, related to both the fundamentals of EM theory, and others cornerstones of modern technology.
    • 5.3: Inductance
      With magnetic fields able to induce currents and current able to create magnetic fields, it's not surprising to discover that currents passing through coils in circuits can affect the current through coils in other circuits, or even in themselves!
    • 5.4: Inductors in Circuits
      Just as capacitors in electrical circuits store energy in electric fields, inductors store energy in magnetic fields.
    • 5.5: Maxwell's Equations
      The link between electricity and magnetism was finally made complete my James Clerk Maxwell when he repaired an inconsistency in Ampére's law.
    • 5.6: Electromagnetic Waves
      Maxwell's achievement of merging the phenomena of electricity and magnetism would be little more than a mathematical curiosity if it didn't happen to explain another phenomenon that until that point in history was not known to be related to these fields.

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