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23.8: Thinking about the material

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  • Reflect and research

    1. Who first discovered induction? Why is it called Faraday’s Law?
    2. Give a few examples of applications of magnetic braking.
    3. How does a microphone make use of electromagnetic induction?
    4. What is magnetic damping?
    5. How does an induction stove work?
    6. How does a credit card swipe reader make use of induction?
    7. What is the origin of Maxwell’s equations? When did he publish them?
    8. Who was the first to detect electromagnetic waves? How were they produced and detected?

    To try at home

    1. Demonstrate magnetic braking by moving a conducting piece of material through a magnetic field.

    To try in the lab

    1. Construct an AC generator.
    2. Propose an experiment to measure Earth’s magnetic field using induction.
    3. Propose an experiment to measure a bar magnet’s strength using induction.
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