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07: Linear Momentum and Collisions

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  • Prince George's Community College
    General Physics 1030
    PHYS 1030

    Prof. Neeharika Thakur


    1: Basis of Physics     2: Kinematics    3: Two Dimensional Kinematics    4: Laws of Motion     5: Circular Motion/Gravitation  6: Work & Energy   

    7: Momentum & Collisions    8: Static Equilibrium Elasticity & Torque      9: Rotational Kinematics     10: Fluids     11: Fluid Dynamics


    • 7.1: Introduction
      Linear momentum is the product of the mass and velocity of an object, it is conserved in elastic and inelastic collisions.
    • 7.2: Conservation of Momentum
      Net external forces (that are nonzero) change the total momentum of the system, while internal forces do not.
    • 7.3: Collisions
      In an inelastic collision the total kinetic energy after the collision is not equal to the total kinetic energy before the collision.
    • 7.4: Rocket Propulsion
      In rocket propulsion, matter is forcefully ejected from a system, producing an equal and opposite reaction on what remains.
    • 7.5: Center of Mass
      The position of COM is mass weighted average of the positions of particles.

    Thumbnail: A pool break-off shot. Image used with permission (CC-SA-BY; No-w-ay).

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