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SI Units

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    SI Base Units


    Quantity Unit Sym.
    Length metre m
    Mass kilogram kg
    Time second s
    Therm. temp. kelvin K
    Electr. current ampere A
    Luminous intens. candela cd
    Amount of subst. mol mol
    Plane angle radian rad
    solid angle sterradian sr

    SI Derivative Units


    Quantity Unit Sym. Derivation
    Frequency hertz Hz

    \(\rm s^{-1}\)

    Force newton N \(\rm kg\cdot m\cdot s^{-2}\)
    Pressure pascal Pa \(\rm N\cdot m^{-2}\)
    Energy joule J \(\rm N\cdot m\)
    Power watt W \(\rm J\cdot s^{-1}\)
    Charge coulomb C \(\rm A\cdot s\)
    El. Potential volt V \(\rm W\cdot A^{-1}\)
    El. Capacitance farad F \(\rm C\cdot V^{-1}\)
    El. Resistance ohm \(\Omega\) \(\rm V\cdot A^{-1}\)
    El. Conductance siemens S \(\rm A\cdot V^{-1}\)
    Mag. flux weber Wb \(\rm V\cdot s\)
    Mag. flux density tesla T \(\rm Wb\cdot m^{-2}\)
    Inductance henry H \(\rm Wb\cdot A^{-1}\)
    Luminous flux lumen lm \(\rm cd\cdot sr\)
    Illuminance lux lx \(\rm lm\cdot m^{-2}\)
    Activity bequerel Bq \(\rm s^{-1}\)
    Absorbed dose gray Gy \(\rm J\cdot kg^{-1}\)
    Dose equivalent sievert Sv \(\rm J\cdot kg^{-1}\)

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