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12: Waveguides

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  • A study of the propagation of electromagnetic waves through rectangular and circular hollow conducting pipes.

    • 12.1: Simple Transverse Electric Modes
    • 12.2: Higher Order Modes
    • 12.3: Waveguide Discontinuities
      Any discontinuity in the dielectric constant, in the permeability, or any discontinuity in the dimensions of a waveguide will result in reflected waves.
    • 12.4: Energy Losses in the Waveguide Walls
      When a metal is exposed to a time-varying magnetic field eddy currents are induced which flow so as to shield the interior of the metal from the magnetic field. The magnetic field decays towards the interior of the metal.
    • 12.5: Circular Waveguides
      The modes sustained by a circular wave-guide have much in common with the rectangular wave-guide modes. They may, for example, be classified as transverse electric modes (TE modes) in which there is no component of electric field along the guide axis, or as transverse magnetic modes (TM modes) in which there is no component of the magnetic field along the guide axis.

    Thumbnail: Waveguide flange UBR320 for microwaves. (Public Domain; Catslash via Wikipedia)